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Thank you for a Successful 2010 Season!

Planning is currently under way for 2011. Make sure to check back often for updates, promotional events and ticket information in the coming months.



Nightmare Vermont a Unique Halloween Haunted House

Nightmare Vermont is a thrilling, interactive haunted house that has run in underground spaces, and as part of other events since 2004. Located in the greater Burlingon area, it has garnered a reputation for cinema-level visual effects, engaging characters, and wild Halloween fun. Come see evil geniuses team up with community leaders to bring you Vermont's most exciting and unique Halloween event.

Ticket Proceeds Beniefit Rotary Charities

Nightmare Vermont works very closely with the South Burlington Rotary, a collection of business leaders who come together for the good of the community. The Rotary has helped fulfill Nightmare Vermont's purpose of being a creative outlet for the weird and unusual in our community since our 2009 show. Proceeds from Nightmare Vermont go directly back towards helping our community through the Rotary Charities.

Volunteer to Scare People

We are always looking for individuals whom would like to volunteer to help with the production of our next show. Please use our form and someone will contact you with more information.

Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter.

To find out more about specific events going on before the show, or ways you can get involved look us up on Facebook or Twitter! There are always things going on in preparation for the new season!