Check Presented to Women Helping Battered Women

As a group, we are impossibly eclectic. We have type A through Z personalities. We have former frat boys and ubergeeks. We have traditional theater actors and people that never performed a day in their lives before showing up at auditions. Regardless of the multitude of personalities that get thrown into the social stew of Nightmare though each year we put on an amazing show that, through the selfless act of volunteerism, does tangible 'good' in this world. See this check?

Check Presentation

We give it to Women Helping Battered Women and it's enough to keep their shelter warm and lit for nearly 2 months. It's enough to provide activities for children affected by abuse for 4 months. It's enough to run a workshop that will impact over 100 young people in the community.   Thank you for attending Nightmare Vermont in 2013!   -Patrick
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