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Nightmare Vermont is a unique Halloween event in the U.S., combining live stage combat, an original theatrical storyline, and all the best in interactive scares and special effects. The event has run in underground spaces and as part of other community events since 2004 .  Thousands of people enjoy the show every year and we're looking forward to scaring your socks of in 2017. Showtimes: October 20-21, 27-28. Showtimes are 7-11pm on Fridays, 2-6pm and 7-11pm Saturdays. 966A3509-2-SplitTone5-2 (1) Click BUY TICKETS above for specific showtimes. Click HERE for directions to the Expo. Download a copy of the WAIVER for this year's more physical show! Sign a copy and bring it with you to get through the line faster. New This Year: Nightmare Vermont will lock you in a malfunctioning trans-dimensional lab. There are characters who can help you (or can they?), monsters trying to kill you, and puzzles to solve if you want to get out before we nerve gas the whole building on you. We have a big bag of tricks to play on patrons this year. Some of them so off-the-wall that we'll need every ticket-buyer to sign a waiver to get in. Wards: In keeping with Nightmare tradition, Monster Wards are available at the door for $1. These are blank masks that will let you "ghost" the event. Ghosts are invisible to everyone in the event, including all characters. They can't talk or touch anything, but they can point. EXTRA BLOODY NIGHT will be the very last show on the last night of the run: Saturday, October 28th at 10:40pm. BE PREPARED: you will get DIRTY. You will get BLOODY. No one will be safe. Charitable Mission: Nightmare Vermont is committed to supporting local charities and giving back to the community. We partner with Camp Exclamation Point, which is our signature charity in 2017. Other charitable endeavors are our Summer Sling Scholarship, Del's Ride and Essex Chips. Our sister event, Spookyville Vermont, also partners with Camp Exclamation Point.  

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